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About Us

Expectations exceeding reality is not just a statement. It is a lifestyle. Our service aims to take you to deeper waters, to ensure every guest has the ultimate getaway with us. Talk about living a dream or escaping reality for a moment; we make sure time stands still, anchoring bonding and relaxation in your soul, where we create moments of everlasting euphoria.
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Where reality exceeds expectations

Frequently Asked Questions

It is the guest’s decision to either wait or proceed with the trip. However, the trip will end as per the scheduled time.
Yes, as long as it is within 30 persons or the prevailing legal restrictions.

For 30 days notice, there is a 90% refund.

For 14 days notice, there is a 50% refund.

For less than 14 days notice, there is no refund.

Yes, only at the designated area.
In view of our guests’ safety, we only work with our designated food and beverage vendors. Please kindly contact us for more information.
There is Wi-Fi onboard.
There is no age limit. For any health restrictions, please kindly contact our Relationship Manager.
We do not allow any pets onboard.
A first aid kit and life vests are available.
Our Captain will advise accordingly if there are any changes made to the trip.
This is subject to different requests; however, it is best to be done at least one week in advance.

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